Tuesday, March 13, 2007

WH Releases Emails re: Attorney Firings

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From Raw Story, the plot now thickens. Read the emails!


Attorney Firings have WH Footprints

Last night on Countdown, Keith Olbermann commented that Abu Gonzales has never stopped being ONLY Bush's lawyer in spite of his position as AG. He also commented that Abu's ONLY qualification for the office of Attorney General was that his initials matched his office.

It is now becoming obvious that this Administration, in spite of its promises to the American People that it would bring ethics back into the White House, is one of the nastiest and most corrupt batch of individuals to ever darken Washington D.C.

Indeed, Mr. Bush and his Swamp Snakes will undoubtedly go down in history as the WORST President ever. His antics, machinations, and total disregard for the law will condemn him to the trash bin of Presidents Past. He will be remembered as the head of "Idiots on Parade".

The only good thing this Administration has accomplished is the apparent demise of the current Republican Party (which bears absolutely no resemblance to the actual Republican Party). Having no perception of what his antics will do to the party, The Shrub goes merrily along, pretending everything is just peachy and people will put up with him because he's such a winner.

In reality, Mr. Bush is a joke, a tragic joke that has befallen our country. The latest WH actions on Abu Gonzales and the trail leading to the WH and Karl Rove's interference with Federal Attorneys is detailed in an article in today's Washington Post

Glenn Greenwald Nails Cheney

Glenn Greenwald's column in Salon aptly describes our paranoid warmongering hypocrite VPOTUS Dick Cheney's ranting to AIPAC on the joys of War. For 5 deferment Dickie, who ducked his military duties, hypocrisy is simply another avenue to proof that his cardiac disease is rapidly unhinging any personality he might have ever had previously.

Mr. Cheney's "out of touch" version of reality is in stark contrast to what is actually happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. The carnage he and Mr. Bush have begun will not be as easily stopped as it was started.

Then again, only Glenn Greenwald says it best